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Wednesday, 5/13/2015

UPDATE 5/13 Flushing Potponed.  Due to an ongoing maintenance issue, city-wide hydrant flushing which was scheduled to begin yesterday has been postponed.  Once a new timetable has been established, we will send out the revised schedule. 

 The City of Troy annual hydrant flushing program begins Monday May 11th.    According the City of Troy - Customers may experience temporary discoloration in their water and possible reduced water pressure during these flushing operations. They are also advised to avoid washing clothes when flushing is taking place in their area.   Water main and hydrant flushing will be completed during the regular working hours with the exception of the business...

Tuesday, 4/21/2015

Campus wide steam and electrical distribution systems outages take place annually the first full week in June.

The 2015 Steam and Electrical distribution systems outages are scheduled this year to begin Sunday May 31st and continue through Saturday June 6th.  This work is done on the main Rensselaer campus annually in order to perform critical infrastructure preventative maintenance.  The Physical Plant works closely with the Registrar's Office, Summer at Rensselaer and Rensselaer's Conference Services to minimize the impact to our students.  By communicating the outage schedule in advance with our clients we strive to minimize the impact to our researchers, faculty, staff and visitors.

This year's outages are similar to those done in the previous years....

Wednesday, 6/11/2014

The Rensselaer Physical Plant department in conjunction with Alec Services and the Rensselaer department of Environmental Health and Safety is continuing a building materials sampling and conditions assessment begun last year. The buildings being assessed this year are primarily Academic buildings.  Work is currently in progress and will continue over the summer.

This process will be carried out in a manner that minimizes the impact to the occupants. Assessing the condition of the building materials requires Alec Services to visit each of the rooms in the building.  A representative sampling of building materials will be done throughout each building in accordance with accepted guidelines.  The purpose of the survey is to identify any asbestos contained in...

Tuesday, 9/17/2013

In order to perform preventative maintanence on our building systems the Physical Plant has implemented reqularly scheduled shutdowns as follows.  When planning your experiments please keep these in mind.

Electrical and Steam Distribution Systems

Annual Shutdowns

  •  Campus wide steam and electrical distribution systems outages take place the first week in June.

Air Supply and Fume Hood Exhaust Systems

Bi-Annual Shutdowns - June, November

  • Wednesday following Graduation  Walker Laboratory
  • Wednesday before Thanksgiving  Walker Laboratory

Quarterly Shutdowns - January, April, July, October...