The Construction and Maintenance Blog

Regularly Scheduled Shutdowns

In order to perform preventative maintanence on our building systems the Physical Plant has implemented reqularly scheduled shutdowns as follows.  When planning your experiments please keep these in mind.


Regularly Scheduled Shutdowns

Electrical and Steam Distribution Systems


Annual Shutdowns


Campus wide steam and electrical distribution systems outages take place the 1st full week in June.


Regularly Scheduled Shutdowns

Air Supply and Fume Hood Exhaust Systems


Bi-Annual Shutdowns - June, November


Wednesday following Graduation  Walker Laboratory


Wednesday before Thanksgiving  Walker Laboratory


Quarterly Shutdowns - January, April, July, October


1st Friday  08:30 to 04:30  Cogswell, Polymer (ESH), MRC


3rd Friday  07:30 to 11:30  JRSC


Quarterly Shutdowns - February, May, Aug, November


1st Friday  08:00 to 12:00  CII Scrubber


Monthly Shutdowns


1st Friday  08:00 to 04:30  JEC 


Weekly Shutdowns

Friday  08:00 to 12:00  CII


Friday  12:00 to 04:30  JEC